Developmental Milestones: Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills

Motor Skills &

Additional Skills Developing

1 month

Eyes can follow an object towards the middle or starting at the middle to either side.

Tightly grasp objects placed child’s hands.

1-3 months: Infant attempts to swipe or hit


2 months

Eyes can follow an object to the right and left sides,

Past the midline.

Can briefly hold small toys placed in child’s hands.

May begin to notice their own hands.

2-6 months: Infant inspects own hands and

Reaches for but may not actually touch objects.

3 months

Eyes can follow objects in a circular motion.

Hands are more relaxed.

Infant is able to look at an object and will attempt to reach for that object.

3-7 months: Child is able to hold a small object in each hand.

4-5 months

Touches fingers together

Begins reaching with both hands at the same time.

Able to reach and grasp a small toy using both hands.

Touches or bangs an object on a table or hard surface.

6 months

Reaches for an object with right or left hand.

Shakes a rattle.

Uses all fingers at the same time to pick up small object.

7 months

Transfers a small object from one hand to the other.

7-8 months: Child the pads of thumb and index finger to pick up small objects like Cheerios.

8 months

Able to pull an item that is placed vertically in Playdoh.

Able to hold an object with the pad of the thumb facing the pad of the index finger.

Can poke objects with the index finger.

9 months

Uses thumb and index finger to pick up small objects like Cheerios.

Bangs two objects together (i.e. two blocks)

Claps hands.

10 months

Pull out three items that are placed vertically in Playdoh.

Releases an object into an adult’s hand upon request.

11 months

Places small objects into a medium or large container.

Can place multiple medium sized objects (i.e. blocks) Into a container.

12-14 months

Able to let go of an object (i.e. throw a ball) and picking It up again.

Can turn the cover or single thick pages of a book.

Removes or dumps out objects from a container.

Is able to point finger at objects.

Can place a simple shape (i.e. circle or square) into a puzzle board.

Can place small objects into a small container.

Begins to make small marks on a paper.

15-17 months

Can build a two block tower.

Scribbles spontaneously (without demonstration).

18-23 months

Can build a four to six block tower.

Can turn a few thick pages at time in a book.

Can push, pull or dump things out.

24-29 months

Imitates drawing a vertical line.

Is able to remove a screw/twist on lid to a container.

Child can turn one page at a time when looking at a book.

Can build an eight block tower.

Imitates horizontal strokes on paper.

Can string four large beads onto a piece of yarn.

30-36 months

Can build a 10 block tower.

Copies a circle on paper.

Snips paper with child safe scissors

36 months

Can cut a paper in half with child safe scissors.

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