Back to School Tips

Getting back into Structure & Routine for School

Children, as well as adults, need routine and structure in their lives in order to functionally participate in the social realm of the world today. Starting school is a new challenge every year. On top of that, many children with language, learning or sensory differences often struggle with the smallest changes to routine.

Following a routine helps our bodies and minds stay busy throughout the day, giving us a sense of accomplishment for providing for our families. If we don’t have a routine, then we lose track of time and motivation to perform our duties as people and tolerate changes in the world.

Children are different, in the sense of them relying on you to provide them with a schedule in order to accept the changes of the world and becoming independent in their adult lives; brushing teeth, dressing and doing homework. The list goes on; however, children are able to transition better with the help of routine and structure. It teaches them how to perform everyday duties, follow directions/rules and respect their parents or other adults.

Make a checklist/schedule to help build and follow a routine.

For Example:

BEFORE School Checklist:

Get Dressed

Eat a good breakfast

Pack lunch

Brush your teeth

Grab backpack, lunch and etc.

Go to school

AFTER School Checklist:

Complete Homework / Reading

Play Outside

Take Bath/Shower

Eat Dinner

· Pack lunch for the next day (Prepare lunches the night before or have an idea of what to make for the next morning. Have your child help you or even let them pick what they would like to eat )

· Pick out clothes for the next day and lay them out (Picking out the clothes for the next day the night before. It will make the mornings getting ready much easier.)

Go to bed (Going to bed early and getting a good nights sleep)

These little checklists help children stay organized and these routines help them stay on track and make going to school and coming back from school a lot easier transition. Everybody's checklist is different, so you can make your own!

Download a free Before/After School Checklist here!

What are some routines that your family has?

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Pink and White School Homework Checklist
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