Occupational Therapy

OT helps children succeed in growing into independent and productive individuals. The word “occupation” is sometimes associated with jobs adults perform. However, the broader view of “occupations” includes children’s activities such as playing, learning and socializing with friends. At Believe Therapies, LLC, the therapists address foundation skills necessary for children to transition into adults. The skills addressed vary greatly depending on the child’s age and stage of development. OT addresses skills for daily living such as dressing, feeding, etc. As well as, fine motor skills (manipulation and pre-writing/writing), visual perceptual and sensorimotor (proprioception, vestibular and bilateral coordination) skills. The therapist’s can provide an assessment for the following:


Sensory Integration/Behavior




Fine Motor Skills


Bi-Lateral Motor Skills


Organizing and Planning Motor Skills

Self Help and Hygiene


Oral Motor


Developmental Milestones


Visual Perceptual Skills


Eye-Hand Coordination


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