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Time Theft Policy


Time Theft is prohibited at Believe Therapies. 



As all Believe Therapies employees are paid for the time they spend at work, all time should be utilized for the completion of work-related activities.  


Defining “Time Theft”:  

Time Theft at work occurs when an employee accepts pay from their employer for time they have not actually put into their work. At Believe Therapies, an example of time theft is down time (time that is not utilized during treatment, documentation or to complete specific job duties) that is not utilized appropriately.  

Other examples of Time Theft include:  extended lunches, too much socializing/chatting, excessive personal phone calls, unauthorized breaks, napping, checking personal email, online shopping, playing games online, operating another business, and using social media. 

Below are lists of approved and prohibited activities to engage in during down time.  


Approved Activities: 

  • Planning Treatment Sessions 

  • Developing Treatment Materials for Company Use (all treatment materials created with company supplies are considered the property of Believe Therapies, LLC) 

  • Researching New Treatment Guidelines 

  • Activities to Grow Caseload 

  1. Interact on company social media page by liking or sharing posts or events 

  2. Improve clinic presentation (pick up trash on the floor, organize waiting room, clean bathrooms, organize therapy materials, remove discharged protocols from the filing cabinet, etc.) 

  3. Create a Social Media Post for Company Promotion 

  4. Create a Blog Post for Company Promotion 

  5. Plan or Help Organize a Company Event (e.g. theme weeks for Awareness months: Autism, Down Syndrome, OT, PT, ST, etc.) 

  6. Plan or Help Organize a Company Community Involvement Event (e.g. Santa, Trunk or Treat, client graduation, Fall Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.) 

  7. Review clients on discipline specific caseload with poor attendance and reach out to parent/caregiver to provide education to re-prioritize therapy 

  8. Restocking/Ordering disposable therapy materials (e.g. tongue depressors, gloves, client food, toothbrushes, evaluation protocols, etc.) 

Prohibited Activities:  

  • Cell phone use 

  • Interacting on social media (for personal use) 

  • Negative communication/gossip 

  • Playing cell phone/computer games 

  • Use of time for personal matters (e.g. paying bills, running errands, internet browsing, sleeping) 

  • Reading a book/article/news for personal enjoyment 

  • Watching videos/movies  


CREATED:  06-01-2020


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fax: 936.715.3721


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